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These tools may provide of some use if one were to modify or hack Plant vs. Zombies 2. There will be some tools which may be difficult to use, so I just may create separate pages on how to use them.

PC Applications

Name Description Author Download
Taiji (SPCUtil) Multi-use tool with several functions such as OBB/RSB unpacking/repacking, RTON/JSON conversion, PAM animation viewing, and several others. Link in Name for more information. SmallPC Download
Python Vs. Zombies 2 (PyVZ2) Multiple tools for unpacking the OBB/RSB, converting RTONs/JSONs & patching OBBs.

(Beta from GitHub requires Python3 to work.)

Nineteendo Download
PvZ2Tool[1] A tool with several functions, such as unpacking the OBB/RSB, converting RTONs/JSONs, converting textures to PNG and back, and more. The zip password is 12345. TileTurnip Download
ELM A spreadsheet which allows you to easily make levels. Ender Download
TextureUnpacker Can extract and convert PTX files into PNG files directly from the RSB and OBB.

Requires Java to work.

1Zulu Download
ItsP Dialogue Maker A simple tool which allows you to make dialogue for the game. ItsPforPea Download
HxD A simple hex editor. Maël Hörz Download
Mali Texture Compression Tool A tool which can compress textures into ETC1+A. Useful for texture modifications, although only textures which use that compression. Arm Limited Download
Ravioli Explorer It can open BNK files, and extract the WEM files within and convert them to playable formats. Stefan Mayr Download
foobar2000 A music player which can play various video game audio formats.

Using the WEM component, you can play and convert WEM files to WAV. Go to File, Preferences, and click on Install..., then select the file.

Peter Pawlowski foobar2000


rton2json & json2rton A pair of tools which can convert RTON files into JSON files and back. Although outdated, they can still get the job done. TileTurnip Download
rton-json A tool helps convert RTON to JSON and back (cross-platform available, need to build with CMake). h3x4n1um Download

Experimental tools (For research purposes only, reasons in BOLD)

Put all experimental tools here when they aren't finished.

Name Description Author Download
1bsr Pgsr Used to extract 1bsr & Pgsr. Requires Quickbms.

(breaks file names & doesn't fully support recent OBBs)

Luigi Auriemma Quickbms

1bsr script

OBBPatcher A tool that can extract files from and reinsert files into an OBB, albeit only a single file at a time. Requires manual configuration of the file's offset and length (versions.cfg) & Java. 1Zulu (script)

Nineteendo (versions.cfg)



json2rton & rtor Different from the other ones, although function the same but made by a different developer. Are extremely tedious to use and are less capable. TimespaceLY (json2rton)

Huang Chong Hong Hua (rtor)

RTONParser Can decode RTON files and convert them into JSON files, although not back.

Requires Python3 to work. (Doesn't support all data types)

1Zulu Download
  1. Note: PvZ2Tool is falsely detected as having a virus. So turn off your anti-virus or set it to trust this file when trying to use it.

Mobile Applications

Name Description Author Download
PVZTOOL An Android equivalent to SPCUtil or taiji. It has several functions which can help convert RTONs/JSONs, images, pack/unpack and such. Instructions on how to use it are included. SmallPC Download
Python Vs. Zombies 2 (PyVZ2) A bunch of scripts to work with PVZ2 data formats.

Requires Python3 to work.

Nineteendo (1Zulu & Luigi Auriemma) Python3


APK Editor (Pro) An app which allows one to modify the contents of an APK and repackage it with the modified content. The Pro version has some upgraded features SteelWorks Free


HEX Editor A simple hex editor which can edit files. Although free, it does have ads. First Row Download
Lucky Patcher A 3rd party app which can modify APK files, such as remove license verifications or enable In-App emulation. ChelpuS Download
VMOS An Android OS virtual machine for Android. Allows you to run another instance of Android OS and have it rooted within the VM without your device itself being rooted. Requires a more hefty device to use. VMOS Inc. Download
Game Hacker A memory editor for mobile devices. Although not as powerful as GameGuardian, navigation is a bit faster. Requires root. 烧饼哥 Download
GameGuardian Another memory editor for mobile devices. Is equipped with more features than SB Gamer Hacker, although is a bit more complex. Requires root. d2dyno Download